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Skye standing by Kealkill stone circle in Ireland


Are you ready to enjoy the fullness of Love and happiness in your relationships?
Are you ready
to see your life as you’ve always hoped?
Are you ready to live fully, without fear, shame, hurt, and hopelessness holding you back?

Is your company ready for your employees to communicate effectively within the corporate structure as well as increasing productivity and kindness with clients?
Is it time to regain your life, to rejuvenate your company, and/or to realize your power?
If you said yes to any of those questions, then we are the ones to help you!


If you are ready; email to book a session


Skye has a Master's degree in Counseling, and a Bachelor's degree in Communications. She is a trained Shaman and an ordained minister. She is joined with her husband, David, to help more than she could without him.

David has made Psychology and helping people to heal a life's mission. He has created a system based on Love and the principles of Love that he witnessed from his wife. She says she mirrors him and he says the same about her. He has a way of cutting through the confusion to explain the beauty of love and healing.
She and David specialize in the following areas: ­

-Conscious Communication
-Love ­
-Anger Management
-Creative Play­-Energy Healing­-Personal Empowerment
-healing sexual abuse trauma
Skye is the creator of "Shackle Free" therapy, which encourages clients to internalize the freedom of processing and owning all feelings on the emotional spectrum. She works with the corporate world through the use of conscious communication, which transfers into group organizational dynamics and personal relationships.

As co-creator with David of "Trust Love's Harmony", they are helping people to heal, and to discover and enjoy all that life and Love has. Learning how to create and hold boundaries so that they curate healthy feedback for their best growth. This also limits toxicity so what is experienced is healthy sacred friendships, growth, joy, safety, peace, and above all is Love.


Skye in burgandy dress opening sacred space as she officiates a wedding


Coaching/Counseling - This is a typical counseling style coaching session.

No energy work involved.  $200

Coaching/Energy Healing - Same as above, but we talk for less time so that you receive energy healing at the end of the session. It's really wonderful to heal the aura after deep emotional work.  $200


Life card - One card is drawn and I will email the full intuitive explanation  $35

Tarot/Oracle reading - at least 3 cards. Will email, as above $75

Intuitive Natal Chart - Based on your birth chart, but read intuitively instead  $75

Akashic Records - Let's find out about your soul's journey throughout time.  $100

Wedding Officiant - Rates vary

To book, please email

"Skye has helped me through some very difficult healing processes. All the while, she always reminded me that I would be okay, and even more important, that I was already okay. She gave me the feeling that everything I felt was natural and to trust the process as well as my own intuitive feelings about what I needed to do to heal. I was not broken. She showed me that healing can be ongoing. I think in our current culture, we tend to expect instant gratification, but the psyche does not tend to work that way. Skye has taught me that I have to practice patience and compassion with myself." --Holly B.

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