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I am not your typical counselor, coach, or person. My name is Skye Burns Dunn. I have the credentials, focus, and heart to help you personally, as well as helping companies increase conscious communication and productivity. My focus has always been on helping individuals to heal from traumatic events (what may be traumatic to one may not be to another), learn to better communicate from their own place of power in a non­violent way, and to manage anger consciously as well. Taking this to a corporate level not only helps the company increase customer service, but helps their employees with their own personal issues while increasing productivity.



What do I mean by “conscious communication”? Or being “conscious”? Being “conscious” means to always be aware of what one is doing, thinking or saying. It is with intent that we speak in a way that others will be receptive to us, and be open to hearing us even in moments of anger.


“Conscious communication” is having the tools to know how to diffuse an angry moment with clients, children, other adults, and to speak with empowered confidence that will benefit all parties involved. Conscious communication is based on a non­violent focus by Marshall Rosenberg, and a book of the same name by author Miles Sherts. I have taken what they taught, and expanded it with my own research and training. With my development, I have helped myself and countless others go from victim, angry, resentful, and often hopeless feeling to empowered, happy, well-­adjusted, and full of hope. This has been developed from years of practical experience during my time as an abused victim when I saw what was hurtful and not effective, a healed woman who knows the power of speaking with conscious thought, and a thoughtful counselor who understands what it is on all sides. My goal in life is to help others heal, find their voice, and to help bring about peaceful resolution to many of life’s triggers.


I created a healing method called “Shackle Free” that incorporates conscious living, communication, spirituality, shamanic principles of release utilizing the earth, and play. Shackle Free is an amazing tool­-based method to empower others to heal and continue to help themselves with or without another person. My goal is always to help people become healed, free, empowered, and to ripple that effect around the globe. I do this in many ways within private sessions, corporate workshops, and personal retreats. If someone is willing to do the work to heal and learn, I can guarantee that there will be a healthy change as a result.


I was abused in every possible way as a child. That carried into my early adult years because I did not understand that it wasn’t normal behavior. When I found that behavior wasn’t normal, that I could feel whole, safe, and loved...I began finding out how to heal. Typical counselors didn’t help me. They were shocked by the abuse I had seen and the fact that I was so seemingly ‘together’. So, I had to search for other methods and those came to me in different ways. It started with me learning to love myself enough to draw boundaries, then I started my Master’s degree in Counseling. I left my home state, and found “conscious communication” at a holistic resort in NY. It was there that I began learning about Shamanism, found I had been doing a lot of what they taught in my life naturally, and it was then that my healing began to really manifest. It clicked! I was able to start shedding the pain and deep wounds of abuse, finally! When I found the healing I wasn’t sure would ever come, I was determined to help others find theirs as well. And that has led me to the NOW.


One doesn’t need to be abused, or in war, to know what a traumatic event feels like. It is all based on our own personal perceptions. Traumatic events are different to different people. But healing, is the same to all! And healing, is something I was born to do.


I look forward to hearing from every person that wants to let go, to heal, to reveal their unique power and beauty!


Shacklefree healing is freedom through healing. Part of healing is knowing others believe your story.

"I love Skye's sessions because she's so in tune with spirit and has much guidance and healing to offer. I see so much divine feminine wisdom in her... I'm blessed to have her in my life!" ~ Kelly Wilcox

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