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Personal sessions are just that­ - Personal. Each one is unique and varied. Some are in my space and others are done at a distance via skype or telephone. As a general guideline, we start with counseling techniques. I begin with asking about issues you want to work on, what is deeply troubling, and we talk through those. I look for the deepest point of that issue and help you to find what part of your body is feeling it. We hold our pains and problems in our body and therefore create illness or issues around that within the body itself. The mind/emotion/body connection is vibrantly strong. I help to create pathways to release those things and heal the mind/emotions/body. I teach you tools to do this same work for yourself so that you don’t always need another person to help you. Even though it is always good to have someone you can trust to talk with and see with different eyes.

If you are open to it, I will begin to do some energy work with your being. It is as simple as you lying back on the chaise (or if you are at home...wherever is comfortable) and just taking in some deep breaths to relax. I clear the chakras (which are electrical points in the body that have a tendency to get clogged) with my intention and energy, then as you imagine the issue we discussed and begin to see it coming up and out of your body with your breath, I will continue to follow my intuition and shift energy in your being. I won’t necessarily touch your body, I actually don’t usually, but there may be times that I do (with your permission) and then it is generally a light touch to the place I may be working.

After you have released from that place within, we will talk a bit about how that felt and look into anything you experienced that you want to talk about. I often have insight that I will want to share with you and we may look at the tarot cards to see what they say as well.


Anything we do is with your permission. I won’t do something you aren’t comfortable with, or that you don’t like. It’s that simple. I am trained in reading the Akashic Records and doing past life regression work as well. I am highly intuitive and have been all of my life. I was born with many abilities including healing, and sight. Yes, I am psychic. It took me many years to accept my gifts and abilities and I am very thankful that I can use them in conjunction with my counseling degree to help others heal faster than typical western style counseling. It is a beautiful practice that has helped me heal from

much abuse and pain. I look forward to helping you as well!

"Just got home from an awesome therapy session with Skye Burns. She seriously has such an amazing practice. She was able to help me pinpoint my issues right away. I did not spend hours in psychotherapy talking about my problems and not getting anywhere. She was able to get straight down to the root and go from there. I am working on self-worth which builds self respect! Best of all besides being a legitimate counselor she does amazing energy healing. She actually gets to the root of my issues and helps clear out the old energy, bringing in the new. Health is body, mind, and spirit and I feel much stronger. I am unfolding the Goddess within and holding onto that vibration. I am grateful for your work Skye. You are such a goddess, thank you for your assistance."

~ Ronique Da Silveira Pinheiro

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