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I don't fit in a cage. I don't fit in the ideas that you have of me. I can't be put in a box to be examined and understood. I am FREE. I was born free. I was bound in a cage for years. First, one they built for me...then I remained. At the point that I remained, it became my creation. I tried to settle. I tried to dampen my flames, my burning desires. I couldn't. Thank Goddess, God, whatever you want to call that energy. Thank ME! Yes, THANK ME! I refused to settle. I refused to be caged anymore. I burn brightly, and I have much to say. I have healing in my hands, and wisdom in my being. I have horrors that have scorched me, but I have knowing and compassion from that. I won't bind myself more. I won't silence my voice when I see, or know something. I stand with a fire in my being, a light on my path, and intuition guiding me. I am all I have dreamed, all I have wanted, and I am, that...I am smile emoticon

I can help you discover, uncover, and recover YOU too. With joy! What better day...FREEDOM REIGNS!!!!

-Skye Burns (c)

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