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Balance and Healing

How many of you look around at the world, your country, your town, your community, your family, your home...and see things that aren't quite 'right'? How many have wanted so desperately to help others, but weren't sure where to start? How many have literally cried out loud "I just want to can I make a difference?!"

I know I have. I have been saying that, and crying about what I see for as long as I can remember. It's as if I came into this world for that very purpose. It was apparently deeply imprinted on my heart, and soul...the deep desire to help others.

I have so many different pulls in that direction. I want to help the world heal as a whole. I want to help the earth itself heal so that we can live here in health...and so She can continue transmuting our energy, and doing what the earth does: sustain/create life. I also want to shine light onto religious lies, social lies, patriarchal lies, and relationship issues. I want to help us all realise that we are to balance...we aren't here to demean others, but to lift so that we all rise in balance, in love.

I see women emasculating men, objectifying men...I see men demeaning women, objectifying them. We NEED each other. It doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, pansexual...whatever...we have to balance our masculine and feminine energies. We are made up of both. We each connect differently to the Divine. We each connect differently to each doesn't matter if we are man, or woman...we are going to do it differently than the person next to us. That doesn't make one wrong, and the other right. It makes us all beautiful sojourners on this path we call life, and awakening.

It is time we let down our shields of anger, of confusion, of trying to make others into OUR image. It is time we allow each other the space to walk our own path, to find our own soul truth. It will be slightly different for each. We are not the same being. We are all various bits of one big ocean...all needed to make it the beautiful space that it is.

When I think you need to be like me, I take away your truth. When I think women are more attuned to love than men...I am blinded by lies. When I think women are more in tune to Spirit than men, I am grossly inaccurate. When I think one sex is better than the other, or one race, or one religion, or one country, or one blood type...etc. I am missing the truth: we are all uniquely created for our personal journey on this planet. Not one is better than the other.

I see so many comparisons between politics, religion, food, medical preference, sexual relations, etc. Yet when we compare, we are immediately saying that we need to feel better than the other. We need a deep validation, an egoic soothing. Comparisons shine a vital truth: WE ALL NEED HEALING.

Memes (those pics with words on them shared on fb) that point out that men are scoundrels, cheats, power hungry jerks, not in touch with Spirit, bad at caring for their own kids, etc...then as women sharing those, we are saying: I need to push him down so that I can feel good about me. It's the same old bully vs. victim mentality of trying to 'feel better' about the self.

These things are not helping others. How often has it helped you to have someone put you down? To diminish who you are for their benefit. Did that help you? Or did it make you close up a bit more? Did it make your shields fly high, and your anger increase? Did it make you sad, or make you enlightened?

When we, instead, point out the beauty in those different from us, those similar, etc...then we rise in love and shine light to help another to see. In helping another see, by shining light on their beauty, instead of their hurts...we encourage them to continue growing.

Now, this is not to say that if someone is harming themselves, or others, that you simply point out their 'good'. No, abuse in any form needs to be highlighted so that it can be seen. When it is in the dark, it can't heal. Abuse...truly harming self, or others. Not opinions, ideas, but causing pain. Those do not need to be swept under the rug. No one gets healing under the rug.

But to help another heal, light is shone in positivity. The more I have been encouraged in my life, the more I have healed and grown. I was given the strength and desire to keep healing, to keep growing because I saw I was worth something. It is the same for everyone. When we encourage the healthy things in life, we encourage growth and healing. When we point out the flaws, or our ideas of what is right/wrong with someone, we encourage more of the same. When we try to make someone in our image, we kill their true spirit.

I want to see men and women grow, heal, and be all we were created to be as we walk our path. We do that best united, in balance, being ourselves...however that may be.

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