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Raw Authenticity

If there is one thing to know about me, it is that I like raw. I need authentic. I hate the 'horse and pony show' of fake nice, happy, etc. But never do I judge someone for not being able to let that facade go. It's our go to cage for a reason. Yes, it is a cage.

It holds your truth in, it hides who you really are from the world. Yet, for you in that offers you the gift of the cage in terms of protection.

The more I caged myself to be protected, the more people made up ideas about who they thought I was. And at the time, I often played into their role of me. Their ideas of who I was. Now, years later...many of those people that are still in my life are having to reassess who they think me to be versus who they see I am currently. I've found that it angers some because I don't fit into their box. I just don't fit in any boxes.

So, who are you? What makes you THRIVE, sing, smile, or just feel? What kind of people do you most enjoy being around?

I thrive on authenticity. True authenticity. I want to know your scars, your wounds, your happy things. I want to know what makes my friends sing, or feel deeply. Nature, babies, puppies, animals, creativity, water, dresses, deep love, my husband's heart and mind, kindness...those are my things.


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