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What I "do"

I am a counselor, coach, minister, shaman, healer...I counsel/coach clients (Master's degree in Counseling), do energy healing, and teach coping skills/tools for release to help bring about better healing. I am an ordained Christian tradition minister, but tend to see the FULLNESS of the Christ, instead of limiting myself to a book put together by a bunch of monks who left out loads of teachings per request from their government official.

I teach Conscious Communication, and Conflict Resolution in both private, and corporate settings. Which also means that I work with families, and children to better learn how to navigate relational issues.

I have helped many heal that otherwise were near death. A little girl whom the doctors couldn’t help further. She was losing weight, and couldn’t keep food in her body. I gave her some energy work, and tools for her to release stress. She is gaining weight, and playing a lot of softball! :) I have helped others that were suicidal, schizophrenic, bi-polar, etc. to the point they were able to work, and enjoy their idea of a normal life (their idea, because normal is different for each of us based on our life path).

I stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves, and stand by those that are doing their best to assert themselves. I have a passion for helping those that have been abused, bullied, and otherwise hurt. But it isn’t about victim mentality, it is about personal responsibility and knowing it is up to us to handle situations.

I also give spiritual guidance, and perform 'religious' weddings, baby blessings, home blessings, and funerals. I'm strong in my intuition and do a lot of work with that, as well as oracle/tarot cards, akashic records, some mediumship, etc. I have had these gifts since birth, and have been healing others since childhood. I clear energy from spaces that have gotten cluttered as well.

I write articles (am working on a few books) about healing, balance, sexual issues, anything to do with abuse/bullies, and plenty of other subjects as well. I also write erotica ;) I have a BA in Journalism/Broadcast production and Film/Video and still do photography, video, and editing.

I teach classes in the things that I do. Which includes all of the above :) I have an apprentice who is learning the skills I have whilst also working on herself. It’s impossible to thoroughly help another person, if you don’t help yourself first. “Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, then you can help another with theirs” is one of the best ways to understand that need. I really enjoy having an apprentice, and she’s a special kind of awesome.

So, ‘what I do’ is a big mix of many things, but it all comes back to Spirit for me. I healed myself from PTSD, severe depression, childhood and adult abuse, as well as deep insecurity. I know I can help anyone that really wants help. I don’t work with addicts until they have been clean for at least a year. I feel that after a year, they are determined to make the changes and have proven they want the change.

I love what I ‘do’ and who I am! My life has gifted me with many beautiful skills, tools, and lessons. I enjoy sharing those things with others that truly want to make a difference in their own life. I just wanted to help people. And so, I do. But first, I helped myself.

I found balance, and found the way to help teach balance to others. Balance in all of our ways is healing...masculine/feminine, light/dark, etc. If we aren’t in balance...we fail. I want us all to succeed! :) Here is to our healing! That includes the earth. We have to take care of her, or she can’t take care of us. May we all know love, peace, healing, and balance. May it always start with me.

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