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I will do it. Watch me! Join me.

:) This pic just makes me smile! I'll tell you some of why that is...

Most of you know that I have been healing myself for many years. I have healed SUBSTANTIAL bits of my mind, emotions, body, and soul over the years. Yet, I have found...there's always more. We are a work in progress, and it is a process. Sometimes, a long and winding road. However, each step, each moment of healing takes us closer, and deeper to our truth, to the reason we are here. And it's like a spiral...not a circle, and not a line. As we come 'full circle' as some say, I have found that we are really either coming back to that same point time and again, which isn't helping...OR...we are shifting the layers and coming to that point, but with new awareness, new healing, and a new depth of that issue.

Each time we go around, working on different points, we make progress. We don't come back to the same point in time as before, because we have already progressed to a new level/layer of that experience and now have that new depth in which to work. Cycles aren't the same, but they are often similar. They give us new insight on healing, and understanding. Thus helping us obtain what we need for further growth, and compassion.

I'm at such a point again. I have started to work with my subconscious layers. They've been coming in dreams, mysterious motions of packing and unpacking. Yes, I knew I was getting to these layers. I knew what was involved...I've known it was coming for months. I couldn't push and make it happen. I had to be open to flow and allow them to surface. But my mind, being the ever protective force it is...understands that a lot of this needs to be resolved in symbolism and released in mucus (sinus/bronchitis). And so it is.

I understood most of the symbols, my partner David, understood some others. He was able to help me see when I was caught in the quagmire of symbolism. I spent two nights dreaming about packing and unpacking. Various people from my life showed up as either helpers, or reminders. Last night's dreams were the most intense, and uncomfortable. They spoke directly to healing trauma from my father. They spoke to the bowels of the toilet flooding my space. They spoke to fears, worries, and feelings of worthlessness. It was painful to wake and feel the flood of them bearing on me. Trying to shift, and understand what it all meant. But knowing it is often best to just be with it.

I wasn't ready to be awake. But I grabbed my phone and saw I had a message request from someone I didn't yet know. She told me I was a bright light. She had seen a comment on a mutual friend's page from me and told me: "amongst the "noise" yours popped out! It was full of love and compassion. So, I popped on your page and it was...Awesome!" A 'stranger' saw my light and needed to tell me. She had no way of knowing how DEEPLY I needed to read her words, to remember myself. I am forever grateful for her, and others like her that follow their hearts and speak healing to others. Ahhhhh!

So, then I was able to sleep again for an hour. I was able to shift those dreams into power. I woke with a new understanding of myself, my life, my gifts, my abilities...and why I am here. It wasn't something I didn't know...but it was a new way of seeing. It healed another part. And yes, it did it without me spending years in therapy! - Which is honestly, my point with my work, and my clients. We don't need years in therapy...we need awakening, understanding, compassion, and the tools to heal. We had the power all along :)

So, with my new understanding...I will rise up and walk that road I came here to walk. I will speak to countless people across the globe, helping them to see their own power, their own capabilities, and they will heal. I will teach around the world, and I will make a difference. I will write books that will help those that read them to see their own unique power, and beauty. They will heal. They will love. And the world will forever change to one of love, compassion, beauty, and kindness. Balancing the light and dark, knowing we need that balance to see clearly. I will continue to balance both inside me, healing my being, my that I can be the light in the darkness, the truth sayer...and the warrior princess that I am.

I will. Just watch me :) And join me!!!

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