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Money vs Greed

I just had an incredible realisation about money. We hear that money is evil, we need more money, we need to not want money, etc. BUT first: The verse is: The love of money is the root of evil. the LOVE. AKA THE GREED.

That greed can show up in many forms depending on how one chooses to see "money". Money is just a form of currency for exchange with a value placed upon it. Money (which is an odd looking word when one writes it a few times) in terms of greed can be the intense desire to own more paper, metal, coin, ceramic, plant, or human we have seen throughout history.

It is the greed that is our issue. It's the power we attach to money that is at the basis of greed. If we remove the power, we remove the greed.

Money has no power, except what we choose to give it. Money is just a vehicle for energy exchange. If we begin to see it as such, the power of it in our minds lessens and the chasing after it ends. When one quits chasing some thing/person, then one attains that which one really needs/wants.

Shifting the mindset away from 'money is evil' to looking within and why the greed exists will help the energy needed to have all of the things in life one truly needs. The by-product of releasing that chasing greed mentality is that of peace and having every good thing one needs.

\ Have you noticed how when you stop going after something from an unhealthy mindset actually allows you to have that thing that IS for your highest good?

This is actually releasing the attachment. We need money in this current society. But using money to fulfill some deeper issue inside to prove a point, prove your value, prove whatever...will only keep you feeling that need grow until it is full on greed. When greed appears, your 'money' is no longer of true benefit, it's merely something you can't seem to have enough of and you will continue fighting for more. Taking advantage of others, and oddly agreeing with maniacal behavior from greedy others in the hopes that one will get the same 'agreeing forgiveness' of atrocities when you 'suddenly' have the money you are so desperate to have.

But releasing the attachment to make you feel better with money, will allow you the peace to walk the earth with integrity, kindness, love, and quite possibly more than enough money to help others along the way. At least that is the way I've seen it happening in my life. The less I worry about looking good to others, or having 2+ cars, a bigger home, more this, more that...the more I am able to see the love and offer that to the world around me...and money comes. I don't chase it, I allow it to come.

Are there times I do need more? Yes. I keep working, I keep doing what I need without getting caught in the insecurity. Greed is linked with the insecurity and it causes people to treat human life, and other things as a means to an end. Human life, animals, and the earth are too precious. Money isn't evil. Greed is. #shacklefree #freedom #skyeburns #money #greed#healer #shaman #counselor #coach#spiritualhealer #ancestralhealing #ancestry#lightworker #energyhealer

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