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Plant life as a reminder

One of my babies 😍😍💜💜 I love plants, I mean, I am a shaman after all 😉

This African violet was near death when I bought her a year ago. She was even marked down to a dollar because they thought she wouldn't last, wouldn't grow.

But yet, here she is! Growing vibrant and beautifully strong.

She was super tiny then. I brought her home, and began talking to her, making sure she had light and water. She began growing, so I repotted her and was concerned as I had never done that before. She continued growing. I decided my plants should have vitamins and the same water we drink, instead of the chemical laden tap water. And she flourishes! As do her brothers and sisters in my house.

I write this as a reminder for us: no matter how many times you are discounted, no matter how small you feel, no matter what others think of you...your value is beyond monetary, beyond words, you may play small, but you are not insignificant or small, and what really matters is how you think of you.

I see you as beautiful, growing, valuable, and significant! Allow your beauty to shine so that all are inspired by your light. #shacklefree #freedom #lightworker #energyhealer #healing #shaman #healer

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