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Meditation is relaxing

I have had struggles with meditating, and have had many people ask about how to silence their mind during meditation. I like to remind my clients when they ask about meditation practices that it doesn't have to be a structured set up with a cushion on the floor, or silent minds. The mind is not easily quieted, nor does it need to be for meditation.

It is a matter of noticing the thoughts, but not dwelling on them. It is about finding meditation in things you enjoy as well. Walking meditations are lovely. Sitting on the ground in the woods, by a lake, stream, etc...It's foremost about allowing yourself to be quiet, to take time to just breathe and release. It isn't about sitting perfectly, or silencing the mind as much as it is about coming into a gentle, loving space with yourself and releasing what no longer serves your highest good. Meditating on those things that DO serve your highest good.

I clear the energy with palo santo, and then allow my spirit to show me how it prefers to be in that moment. I give myself space to be...a human BEing instead of doing... <3 It really CAN be that simple.

(photo of my husband meditating with a tree in Montpellier, France)

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