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I've got the Magic in Me

I've got the magic in me. I've known...but I'm fully accepting it all and walking in it confidently.

Oh? You saw that already? ha...I didn't. I didn't see my confidence. I was still quite the scared little girl inside. I was still the one that was picked on, hurt, abused, humiliated, and so very scared of what might come next.

I've been feeling less like that over the last decade...but bits of it still kept me from being fully awakened to all that I am. And it's quite possible that I still don't see *ALL* of me. I think we grow into our ability to see all of the remarkable, miraculous, amazing-ness that we we truly heal. Because it has to be balanced with a grounded knowing of our shadow side.

Hmmm...I have met others that think they are 'all healed', but none of us are. THIS is the work of life. Healing and balancing with our shadow. When you think you are done healing...and really believe that, your ego is lying to you. OR you have just finally found SOME healing and feel the elation of not feeling like you did in the past. But you aren't done :)

Healing is a spiral of work. It's not linear. It's quite like magic that continues to turn us on the never-ending spiral to more and more healing...IF that is the work we want.

I'm often saddened by those that refuse to take on the work of healing, and self-awareness. The real magic is doing the work and the gift is that incredible feeling each new level provides! The way to keep it and continue is to keep working through the levels.

"I got the magic in me

Every time I touch that track it turns into gold

Everybody knows I got the magic in me

When I hit the floor the girls come snapping at me

Now everybody wants a blast of magic

Magic, magic, magic

([scratch:] M M) Magic, magic, magic

([scratch:] M M M) Magic, magic, magic

Ah ooooooo

I got the magic in me"

I woke hearing just that this morning and realised that yes, I do have the magic in me! It's not just my healing and awareness...I have the gift of healing myself and others...physically, spiritually, mentally, financially, etc. BUT one has to want it and be willing to really put the work in...not just talk about it. And honestly...I can do my work towards your healing...but it won't matter in the slightest if you don't do your work. Because at the core of healing: YOU HEAL YOURSELF. But a magical guide is a great source of help ;)

*Of all of the videos for this song, this is the one that didn't objectify women*

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