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Vulnerability is Courage

I've never liked that adults tell children they are being babies for crying.

Or telling adults the same.

When one needs/wants to cry and others are around...that's courage.

Being vulnerable is one of the most courageous things I know.

It's also one of the hardest.

There is a difference between being vulnerable as a victim, and being vulnerable as a brave warrior.

I began healing when I could finally tell others what I had been through, and allow myself to be open and vulnerable.

Yes, I met many that ridiculed me for it.

There are some that still don't like that I talk about my former pain.

BUT that is because they are in pain and my bravery in vulnerability makes them recognise their own lack.

Mirrors are a harsh tool to healing, but so damn spot on.

It took years for me to be able to talk about the abuse I endured. The more I talked, and cried, the less the pain had a hold on me. I took back my own power and made that pain less. It also made those people less. I took my power back from them and began standing on my own.

Yes, they hurt me. No, they didn't destroy me. All because I took the step to be vulnerable so that I could heal. And guess what? I healed :D

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