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Shift happening in the physical realm

I feel it's been purging, and their 'final death scream' had to happen. The tide is shifting. The energy is about to be cleansed.

It's the full moon in Aries...that means MOVEMENT and war (for bringing about the truth and justice..not physical war in the scary sense) to me. I trust my intuition

ALL of this last two years has been about purging this ancient, disgusting, racist, sexist, hateful energy from our planet. I've been talking about it for most of that two years. I've seen it plainly.

Just because I can see what's happening..and know that the energy is moving it...does NOT mean that I just get it sit here and do nothing. Apathy kills.

I have been writing, posting, talking, sharing, healing, and working my own magic to stay in balance whilst fighting for truth, justice, and love to prevail.

I woke knowing a shift had happened.

I woke not knowing WHAT...but that there was something amazing about to hit.

Then I saw shit about Rosenstein getting fired, or resigning...and a friend that KNOWS inside info said not to panic. And my intuition agreed...and reminded me of my first thought upon waking. 😍

This is all about to wrap up. ff and his minions...ALL of the ones even controlling strings...are going away. Hateful racists, sexists, misogynists, and the women that are like that...are about to be quietened. They ARE the MINORITY. Please know that. Allow your energy to shift accordingly. THEY ARE THE MINORITY.

Keep fighting for what is good and pure. What is truth, and light. Above all...fight for love.

We will win this war in this earthly and spiritual realm. It has already been decided in the spiritual. Stand strong. Walk in love.

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