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Wow! Thank you. I needed this. I realised yesterday on the massage table that I am dealing with grief. Grief that I didn't get to have a healthy childhood. Grief that they decided to beat the shit out of me and Dennis, and keep it hidden. Grief that we were raped often. Grief that I was shot. Grief that our minds were twisted with their bullshit toxicity. I am working hard on moving their toxic mind shit to find truth and what is real for me. The more I heal, the deeper I get and the more insane it seems. It isn't easy. This is the hardest undertaking I've done in my healing. Each layer seems hard...but I'm now working on their words and the undercurrent of mind fuckery. Mind fuckery: we were convinced that we were imagining most of it. We were explained away as lying, having a big imagination, being sensitive, dramatic, etc. Plus, we were trained to do everything to make their lives better. I'm still shaking that off for one parent. I don't talk to the other at all. I have every right to feel grief and to talk about it as I heal. I have a massive cyst on my tailbone from beatings. I couldn't have children. It's just bs and yet...I'm the problem because I speak out. #shackelfreehealing #shacklefree #trauma #ptsd #selfhealer #healing #healer #intuitive #counseling #skyeburns

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