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The magic of empathy and kindness

Sitting in this Samhain/Halloween season feels like a good time to talk about our magic 🤓🎃 We ALL have magic. Some of it shows up as what most call 'supernatural' gifts. But those aren't supernatural, they are natural for everyone! It's just that some people have had trauma that brought their gifts into focus, or they decided to work with those gifts to grow. And those 'supernatural' natural gifts are extraordinary! Today, I want to talk about gifts we can all tap into at anytime to help ourselves and others: Empathy and Kindness Empathy and Kindness aren't 'magic' you say? Have you been broken, hurting, terrified, and yet you were able to comfort another? THAT IS MAGIC! Have you been broken, hurting, terrified, and yet someone comforted you? THAT IS MAGIC!!! How? Well, magic is what comes in when we are out of 'juice' and it breathes fresh life and comfort into us. Yeah, we get that...but HOW IS IT MAGIC?! Ok :) It's magic because in that horribly painful moment, you were able to put aside your pain and be there for someone else without leaking your pain onto them. It takes great skill and resolve to hold onto your pain/anger/etc and be there for another. It's also magic to give yourself such kindness. I've heard from many that we must forgive others before we can heal. I don't agree. I know that we MUST forgive ourselves to heal. Forgiving others when we aren't even in the process of healing is just some religious bobblecock. Especially if they haven't asked for forgiveness...nor have they changed that behavior. To be able to be forgiven, one must repent/apologise and ask for forgiveness. To that degree, repentance means to turn away from that behavior. There's no point in forgiving someone when they just do it again. Hence, forgive yourself! Forgive you for the behaviors that have caused you pain. Forgive you for the thoughts that have limited your growth. Forgive you for whatever it is that you feel hurts you. THAT is magic. I couldn't get the healing I wanted until I realised that it wasn't forgiving them for beating, raping, shooting, and otherwise horribly abusing me. It was for me to forgive myself for all of the times I hurt me using the words they said about me. Forgiving myself for the bad choices in relationships that caused more pain. Forgiving myself for not getting away. It's the forgiveness of self that makes the most difference and IS the most important thing you can do for you. When you are shining empathy and kindness to yourself and the world around you, whilst maintaining healthy boundaries...THAT IS MAGIC! You are magic <3 #skyeburns #empathy #kindness #magic #selfhealing #healer #healingself #counselor #lifecoach #shaman #energyhealer #forgiveness

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