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Unicorns are Different

I’ve never been like others. My parents often asked “who are you?” “ where did you come from?” I knew that i was different. I had no one that could really listen. I read encyclopedias and found i wasn’t fully alone. I found people similar to me in those pages. So i tried to hold on to my spirit until i found my people.

Then it got too hard. I was then an adult. I had to assimilate to survive. It almost killed me. Trying to be what others wanted when it wasn’t me... made it worse.

I couldn’t succeed pretending. So i disrupted my life. I finally left everything they told me i needed, to go

live in a tent in the Hudson valley, NY.

It made all the difference. I’m fully me and growing into me more daily. I met my twin flame love. I’ve been to Ireland six times in the last decade. Married there in a stone circle. Just like I imagined in high school.

I’m no better than anyone else. I just decided to live my life, my way with love and healthy balance. I walk in spirit land daily. I talk to beings no longer in human suits. I have visions that come true. I create magic for healing and joy. I help others find their truth, heal, and be shackle free. That’s what I do because I’m different.

How do you differences show up in your life? Do you allow the possibilities to be endless? Or do you limit yourself? The sky is not the limit. The sky is limitless!!

Just like you. Be irreplaceable. Be you in all of your rainbow nuance.

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