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Warm Enough to Unfurl after PTSD

Just today during a PTSD episode, my husband laid his hand on my head as I lay paralysed & tingling.

In that moment, I began sobbing.

I suddenly remembered times as a child when such would happen and I’d be punished, told i was too dramatic or sensitive, and then left alone to cry it out. Or until I could “stop acting like that”. I needed nurture.

My husband’s hand resting on my head brought all of that to the surface and helped me see and release things that has been stored in my body for decades. The paralysis lasted an hour and a half, the tingling in my face and arms lasted for three full hours. I’ve done a lot of work to heal over the years.

It is absolutely right that it needs to come organically. Just like this incredible journey today was for me. My husband holds such safe space for me. I’m eternally grateful. I was never safe until him.

I’m finally warm enough to unfurl.

“When a person finally feels safe enough to talk about their trauma openly- or even speak admissions privately to themselves- a bold and powerful moment is born. And in the midst of these initial breaths are the tender, courageous steps towards healing. Opening typically comes organically in nature, yet I have seen it rushed before its time. I have seen unseasonable temperatures press the fragile bud to break too early. When the air gently warms the supple heart, it will open in its own way. The heart knows when it feels safe and warm enough to unfurl. (~ Susan Frybort 'Open Passages'. #shacklefreehealing #goldilocksfamilyoflove #shacklefree #healing #loveheals #love #nurture #ptsd #panicattack #childhoodtrauma #skyeburnsdunn #skyeanddavid #skyeburns


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