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Skye and David are available for couple's sessions including coaching, and healing work. Both are accomplished energetic healers, and grounded in psychology.  They are also available for workshops, guest hosting, interviews, and continue to host their own show. They will be starting a podcast soon, as well as working on books together, and individually. 

They enjoy traveling together, creative expressions, and especially sitting at home giggling. Contact Skye and David at

Here is the link to videos of our original radio show audio.

Skye and David Dunn
Trust Love's Harmony(c)

Skye and David are passionate about each other, their marriage, helping others learn to better communicate, and empowering others to heal so that we all walk in love and beauty.

Skye and David knew their relationship was different than anything they had experienced, but it took a wise woman to point out that they are indeed "Twin Flames".  What that means to them is just another label for the beautiful way they connect. What it means to others is that these two are definitively focused on connecting with each other in powerful ways. They have a tendency to activate others through their voices, and help others deepen their own healing work, and conscious practices of love and communication. 

They have both been through many trials of life, including painful and lacking relationships. They learned a lot in their pain, and solitude and know that what they have discovered can help others heal and grow. What they teach about Love and how to heal with the power of love, is revolutionary! But it is also as old as time. They know that if others truly work toward compassion, healing, understanding, and love...that the world can be changed!

They help you to navigate all of your relationships, starting with your relationship with yourself and your body. You will learn how to live with Love, joy and freedom and to continue growing and living with that beauty as others around you shift as they watch you lead with Love.

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