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What our clients say:

"I had the pleasure of spending yesterday with an incredible Goddess Skye Burns. I took this picture of her yesterday and you can feel the goddess radiating from her. She is such an inspiring Goddess. Being a Goddess is about being confident and secure in yourself. It's about embracing all parts of yourself and loving yourself. It is about having the divine masculine and feminine energies equally. When Goddesses are together there is no judgement or jealousy....just inspiration and empowerment!"

~ Ronique Da Silveira Pinheiro


"Skye has helped me through some very difficult healing processes. All the while, she always reminded me that I would be okay, and even more important, that I was already okay. She gave me the feeling that everything I felt was natural and to trust the process as well as my own intuitive feelings about what I needed to do to heal. I was not broken. She showed me that healing can be ongoing. I think in our current culture, we tend to expect instant gratification, but the psyche does not tend to work that way. Skye has taught me that I have to practice patience and compassion with myself." ~Holly B.

"I love Skye's sessions because she's so in tune with spirit and has much guidance and healing to offer. I see so much divine feminine wisdom in her. I'm blessed to have her in my life!" ~Kelly Wilcox

"Even from a distance, Skye was able to tap into my energy surrounding a situation. She could feel where one decision caused me anxiety while the other, while less certain, felt joyful and expansive, and provided support and validation in choosing that path (which I have not regretted!). Not only does she offer insight but her wisdom allows you to tap into and trust your own intuitive tools. Plus she is infinitely accepting and non-judgemental which makes confiding in her all the easier.

~ Liz Oehlschlaeger

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