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Most arguments and problems at work (and at home) stem from unconscious thoughts and words that are socially accepted, and even expected. But learning new ways of listening, speaking, and acting with others in the conscious fashion that Skye teaches will create an atmosphere of calm and productivity that has a ripple effect.






Skye teaches a style of non­violent communication based on Marshall Rosenberg’s initial approach, with variations for corporate, personal, and professional structures. Called “Conscious Communication” by author Miles Sherts, this process comes from the belief that being conscious in our thoughts and words inevitably gives us a more peaceful life.










She utilizes play as a methodology in most workshops, as it has a way of calming and disarming participants, as well as creating a space of fun that helps them remember the skills from a place of joy. Skye takes this seriously as part of her life’s purpose.









She has seen the disaster around hurtful words, even those that were well­-meaning, and chooses to help others find better, more effective ways to communicate. This is something that helps office structure by creating better customer service, profitability, and productivity, as well as assists in the employees' home life...manifesting a cycle of consciousness that folds back into the corporate model.


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