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Flow state in healing: Allowing Intuition

I find that it isn't always necessary to know what I am releasing. For me, being in a constant state of flow...allowing in and allowing release, is the best state for life and healing. My intuition grows more as I simply trust my process. I heal more as I trust my process...and I help clients do the same. That way, they take that healed knowing, and tools, to their world and continue doing the same. All of us healing, growing, shifting...and seeing the world do that as well.

I have things inside me...memories, pains, wounds...that I don't remember getting. I can't even see them, or access them fully. It doesn't stop them from affecting my life. So, I allow my being to be the portal of change through flow. It heals naturally without my analysis. I simply need to be aware, present...and support my being in the best ways so that it continues to do what it needs for my best self.

We aren't taught that...we are taught the opposite. But that led me to caged stagnation, and lack of healing, compounded with criticism, judgment, and irrational thoughts/behaviors. The only way to let go...was to go into a flow state and learn to forgive MYSELF of any behavioral patterns that have harmed me, or others. As I walk in self awareness and self forgiveness...more healing comes, and I can help others find their own healing as well. Such grand beauty.

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