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Help with Anxiety and PTSD

I thought it would be good to write up some ideas for releasing anxiety, fear, etc. The following is what I teach my clients, and at workshops. These are various ideas that I use to feel grounded, and calm. I hope you'll find benefit from them.

I will list a few, some that are really simple to do even around others, and some that take a bit more time. I’ll end with what I do for a big release. One thing to keep in mind...regardless of where you are, or what you have to work with: intention is everything! When you set your intention to release, then go through some ‘ritual’ (action) of that will feel it. It’s the determined intention that best helps.

Each of these can be done on their own, or as a larger release. I have done several throughout a day if I feel I need to do more. These can also be done with others, or alone. I teach people how to do this as part of my service, and often hold moon ceremonies so that we can come together as a group for the release, and manifestation setting. It’s really beautiful, and can be incorporated regardless of religion, or spiritual practice. I find it to be a wonderful way to physically, mentally, and emotionally clear my own well as infusing my space with healing intention.

Things I do for release:

  1. Deep meditative breaths. Breathe in slowly to the count of at least 3-5, then release slowly to the same count. This also stimulates your vagus nerve, and can bring much healing to your body. Do this about 5-10 times.

  2. Spend some time either sitting on the earth, walking barefoot on the ground, or touching a tree (or some other plant) for a few minutes. It’s grounding for a reason ;) The earth is a natural transmuter of energy. An acorn falls to the later becomes a tree. Trust the earth to transmute your energy by simply connecting with it thru a bare foot, hand, etc. Some of my most amazing moments of release have been when I simply stood next to a tree, touching it, and let the earth energy ground and soothe me. Knowing that I was releasing my energy to Her to do that. She is called “mother earth” for a reason ;) She’s very nurturing.

  3. Water. Drink it, bathe in it, swim in it, shower...any of those help to release and help to soothe you. If you can, take a bath in epsom will help to pull toxins out of your body, and it will soothe you as well. Water is a natural helps to move things out of your body, and as a shower (or swim) it moves the energy. Imagine how soap flows down the drain...same principle with energy. And drink really helps to remove the toxins! It’s imperative for health.

  4. Burn sage, or palo santo. Sage is a typical Native American herb that is used to clear energy. Palo Santo is from the Amazon, it is also used to clear energy, and bring in positive energy. I love Palo Santo!!! Just smelling it soothes me.

  5. Smell some lavender oil. Maybe use a bit as a cologne to help keep you calm. I will breathe that in when I feel anxious.

  6. Pray. Even if you don’t believe in a spiritual path...speak to your higher self. Speak out loud what you want to see happen...whether that’s to calm down, release fear/anxiety, or… I love praying. I use most of the above mentioned when I am in prayer. But I also will pray driving down the can be super easy and doesn’t need to be a big ritual. You are talking to the Air/Earth/God/Goddess/Universe...whatever you choose to pray.

  7. Take a walk, hug someone, spend time with a giggling child, eat something delicious and healthy, talk to someone that can help, and maybe have a good cry. Crying releases toxins too. Our cells hold memories, traumas, and crying releases those as well.

What I do for a big release, and manifestation. This is for when you don’t have a big fire...if you have a big fire, use it instead of the candle

  1. Get a candle, sage (or palo santo), a piece of paper, and a writing utensil.

  2. Go to the space that is sacred for you...even if it is your kitchen table. I have used space in my bedroom, living room, and now I have a full room for sacred space. Have the things around you that feel are sacred, or beautiful. I tend to have a few of my stones, maybe a picture of someone I love, a feather, etc.

  3. Clear the energetic space with sage, or palo santo. Just light it with the intention of clearing the space of any negativity. You can say a little prayer about clearing the space so that you can flow in your own emotions and words.

  4. Light the candle and meditate for a few minutes. Five should be enough, but more or less is entirely up to you. During this meditation, you are allowing yourself to relax and come in tune with your higher self. Set the intention before you meditate to allow your higher self to guide you into what you need to release, and what you want to manifest.

  5. Write down on a piece of paper what you want to release. I sometimes simply write: I release what is no longer for my highest good. Now, write down what you want to see manifest in your life. DREAM BIG! Let no doubt control this aspect. You are writing your desires, be specific! Now, write down what you want to see manifest for the world. I tend to go with: May all sentient beings know love, beauty, and security. May the world heal and operate for our highest good. But you write what you truly want to see that is about LOVE. No hate here, it will backfire on you in ways you don’t want to think about. IF you have a big fire, you can blow your prayers (the words you are writing onto paper) onto a stick, or leaf and place that into the fire. In big ceremonies, I use a stick for each: individual release, manifest, and the earth prayer.

  6. After you have written them down, or blown those same prayers into a combustible (fire/leaf/etc), the place one at a time in the fire. BE mindful if you are using a may be better for you to not set the paper on fire!!! When I have done that inside a home, I did it over a sink… or just don’t burn it inside at all...and take the papers with you to a water source, blow those words into a leaf, stone, or stick...and toss in the water. If you have no river/creek, then blow it into a leaf, stone, or stick...and leave on the ground outside. It’s your intention released once you say it/write it down anyway. The rest is ritual.

  7. Once you have released your words “prayer”, sit with your ceremony a minute more and then close your ceremony by thanking the Universe/God/Goddess….whatever works for you.

I feel like I have more...but these are the main ones I use and tell clients to use. Listen to your inner child and do what feels good for you as well. It could be enjoying a swing in a park. It doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t hurt you, or another. Focus on your breath, and know that you are in control of your own release, healing, and life. I’m always open to questions! I have some blogs on my website that may help as well. Feel free to reach out. I’m here for you. Enjoy your release and be grateful for your manifestations!!

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